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You and your surgeon have made the joint decision to proceed with surgery. You will have discussed this at the clinic, but it is often difficult to remember all the information that you have been provided with. The webpage that you have been reading, provides an overview of the risks and benefits of proceeding with your surgery.

To help you make an informed decision, further information is provided on the next page, along with a consent form.

Prior to your day of surgery, the consent form should be completed.

This consent form will not replace the Hospital's own consent form, which will also require to be completed prior to surgery.

It should be note that the personal information you declare on the Handclinics' consent form is not stored on our website. To ensure patient confidentiality, it is instead forwarded to the surgeon's personal assistant, who will incorporate it into your designated hospital records.

If you have any questions, please email with your question, including the hospital, treating consultant and CHI number (if possible).

Please select your condition below to complete the consent form:


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